Pet Bed
1.  How long will my bed last?

The average life of a bed is 5 - 8 years, This is               
very conservative since many of our clients have            
had their beds for as long as 15 years.

2.  Can I wash the foam?

Yes, with a mixture of mild detergent soap with a             
little bleach.  Work in the suds and rinse well.                  
When drying the bed, it is best to set it up on its             
end to allow the water to drain.  If necessary, a               
hair dryer may be used but be careful not to use it          
too hot.

3.  What if my dog has an accident in their bed?

See # 2 above!   Here are a few                      
suggestions from our clients.  Prior to putting the            
cover on the bed, place a crib mattress pad                    
between the cover and foam.  Another idea is to             
place a large plastic bag  over the foam prior to              
putting the cover on the bed.  

4.  How are the beds shipped?

We generally ship via UPS.  The beds are shrunk in       
order to save you on shipping costs.  Once you              
receive your bed, let it expand for about 24 hours           
prior to putting the cover on the bed.  Also, keep it         
out of the dogs reach.

5.  Where can I purchase a PET-O-BED?

PET-O-BED are generally not available in stores.           
You can purchase a bed by using this web site, calling
800-PETOBED (738-6233), or at one of our
shows.         Please check out the list of shows and
events where we will be next.

  • PO Box 582
  • Myersville, MD  21773
  • 1-800-738-6233
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