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These are some of the pictures that we have received from our friends in their beds.  Send us
your picture and a brief testimonial in order that we can post your picture on our site.
I have purchased other beds over the years,
and each and every one has been "eaten"
by the dogs (not the same one, mind). They
have never touched the foam on the POBs,
although, on occasion the covers have been
nibbled. I find that interesting because of the
utter destruction imposed on the other beds
when the  dogs were so inclined. Also, when
I've had POBs and other types of beds,
there was always some "race" as to who got
the POB, with much moping and pacing
before the others will either take to the
poser-beds or, many times, the delicate
manuevering used to impose two 50 lb.+
bodies into one POB. I've watched this for 20
some odd years now and it never ceases to
amaze me.
We just received these pictures from Elizabeth Holmes who writes: "I have bought
many other types of beds some more expensive and some less but given them away
since my dogs will not sleep in them. This has been great for the dogs both young and
old. Thank you for a great product that lasts. The blue bed pictured here is 13 years
old with only a new cover.
This picture is from
Wendy Bramson-Fischer
who has her kennel lined
with Pet-O-Bed's.  You
can check out more
picture on her website.
We received these 2 pictures from Chris Rasmussen who
writes: "I thought you guys might appreciate these.  Our
dogs love their Pet-O-Beds!  This girl, Abby, is sleeping
on her "sister" the French bulldog's bed!
The below picture and
testimonial was sent to
us from another satisfied
"We have had Newf for about 25 years, having tried many different
types of beds during that period.  You see, beds are important to
Newfs as they like to sleep a lot.  Our breeder introduced us to the
Pet-O-Bed, and we immediately appreciated its practicality and
appeal to the Newfs.  As can be seen from the attached picture,
our young female loves to 'nest' in it.  Our older male does
likewise.  Both Uther and Morgan took to their new beds
immediately.  The covers are eminently easy to change which
sometimes becomes an issue with our guys.  We love them as do
our Newfs.  You can't go wrong with a Pet-O-Bed."
We received the above pictures from Cathy Ford.  The left picture is
of ten 5 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies in one of her 5
"best pet beds".  The right picture is of 5 Ridgeback in 4 beds.
We received this picture from
another client who commonly
finds all of his dogs snuggled
together in one bed.  
These pictures were sent by Evan Kent who shares on their web site: "We discovered Pet-O-Bed
during our 2004 Specialty. They showed up as one of the merchants and short of coming home with
Best of Opposite Sex, I'd have to say this product was the "score" of the trip. We took two home to test
drive with our 7 dogs, and they were the prized spots of the house. Three months later we got 6 more,
so there wouldn't be any fights! Now our house is sprinkled with Pet-O-Beds."
This is a picture of our Golden
Retriever "Princess" curled up in
her Pet-O-Bed!!!
Meet our newest member puppy
Golden Retriever "Sam" sharing
the Pet-O-Bed with our
Dachshund "Jake"
Cash's story is a testament to
the difference a Pet-O-Bed
can make in a dog's life.  To
the makers of this wonderful
bed, thank you for helping us
give him a better life.

Cindy & Alan Knowlton
Pet Bed

  • PO Box 582
  • Myersville, MD  21773
  • www.petobed.com
  • sales@petobed.com
  • 1-800-738-6233
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