Pet Bed
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PET-O-BED Original Pet Bed
The original Pet-O-Bed! Solid foam with a nesting area creates the
utimate in comfort for your pet.
PET-O-BED Crate Pet Bed
A Pet-O-Bed for your pet's crate: these beds are 4" thick to fit
comfortably in the crate.  They also have the nesting area for your
pet's comfort.
PET-O-BED Cover Only
Covers for our Pet-O-Beds are durable and easily removable for
washing (they slip one and off like a contour sheet).  As well as a
variety of fabrics and colors.   These covers are safe and do not have
zippers to get caught on your pet's fur or scratch your floors.    
Breed Items (Collars,
Leashes, Lanyards, Key Fobs)
These leash sets, available in an ever-growing number of breeds, are
sized specifically for your pet's breed.  Also available are Agility,
Rescue, and (for the outdoors guys) Trout.  The trims are also
available on our other products including Lanyards and Key Fobs.

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Original Beds
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